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Every month we are going to bring you Findurnemo’s Hot 100 – a list of some of the aquarium industry’s best private breeders & retailers.  

At first it will be mostly private freshwater fish breeders that we are familiar with.  As we continue to expand our connections we will make sure to include more of the saltwater community.  

*For the first month we have only added 40  so there will be room to grow. We have undoubtably left many great places that we know off the list accidentally, some that could even make the top 10. If you didn’t make the first list, or have a recommendation make sure to join our email list. 

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Type: Private Breeder/Retailer

Specs: Rare fish from the Great African Rift Lakes & beyond. 

About:  One of our personal favorite places to buy fish online.  Dave has a great assortment of fish from Malawi & Tanganyika, and often he has other rare fish from around the world. 

Website: davesfish.com

San Antonio, Texas

Type: Private Breeder/Retailer

Specs: Predatory Fish from the Great African Rift Lakes

About: Another one of our personal favorite places to buy fish online.  SEC has a great assortment of fish from Malawi & Tanganyika as well, especially large predatory haps.  

Website: southeastcichlids.com

Watkinsville, Georgia 

Type: LFS+Online Retailer

Specs: High End Coral

About: Kush Corals has become the heavy hitter for quality coral in the US.   Their attention to detail, care, and quality is second to none. 

Website: kushcorals.com

Bradley, Illinois

Type: Private Breeder/Retailer

Specs: African Cichlids

About: Another personal recommendation from us for Cunningham Cichlids. Great quality, Dedicated Fish Breeder. These fish are well taken care of. 

Website:  cunninghamcichlids.com

Newport, Michigan

Type: LFS/Online

Specs: Everything

About: The largest freshwater fish warehouse on the West Coast. 

Website: aquariumfishdepot.com

San Diego, California

Type: Private Breeder/Retailer

Specs: African Cichlids, High End Predator Haps

About: You’ll find amazing quality & care at Beantown Aquatics, & Rare/Wild/F1/F2 fish from time to time. 

Website: beantownaquatics.com

Woburn, Massachusetts

Type: LFS/Online

Specs: High Quality Freshwater

About: Good quality, fast response & often they have rare/wild/F1/F2 Fish in stock. 

Website: wetspottropicalfish.com

Portland, Oregon

Type: Private Breeder

Specs: Many Different Species, Many Rare. 

About:  The Fishuation is currently in the process of moving, but I would keep your eye on them when they finally get things “fish-uated”. 

Website: https://www.facebook.com/fishuation/


Type: Import/Private Breeder

Specs: African Cichlids

About: Great breeder, & Passionate Aquarist 

Link: https://www.vegasvalleycichlids.com/

Las Vegas, Nevada

Type: Online

Specs: Assortment & Good Information

Link: https://thefishroom.co.nz/

New Zealand


Type: Fish Farm

Specs: High Quality Tropical Fish

About: One of Florida’s leading tropical fish farms since 1970, Imperial Tropicals is operated by Mike Drawdy in Lakeland. 

Website: imperialtropicals.com

Lakeland, Florida

Type: Exotic Pet Store

Specs: High Quality Cichlids & Reptiles

About: 11 years ago Datz started as a private high end breeder, since then they have grown into a store, specializing in African Cichlids and Ball Pythons, 

Website: datzcichlids.com

Mchenry, Illinois

Type: Import/Private Breeder 

Specs: Fish from the African Rift Lake Tanganyika 

About: For more than 20 years, SI Cichlids has been importing high quality fish. 

Website: sicichlids.com

Staten Island, New York

Type: LFS

Specs: Assortment of Tropical Fish

About: George is a great guy, and is very knowledgeable about many aspects of the hobby. 

Website:  agnoquatics.com

Broadview Heights, Ohio

Type: Private Breeder

Specs: African Cichlids

About: Ron is a good guy who cares for his fish, &  We’ve heard good things about his line of fish food recently. 

Website: ronscichlids.com

Palm Beach, Florida

Type: Online Retailer

Specs: High Quality Foods, Assorted Products, Plecos

About: Featuring international artisans of quality products. They are the sole North American supplier of Discusfood from Germany, currently showcasing Shrimps Forever from Turkey.

Their focus is furthering the hobby through partnerships with other small businesses that create products they believe in.

Website: cascadiaaquatics.com

Type: Private

 Specs: Custom Cabinetry, High End & Large Fish

About: Amazing custom aquarium stands built to your needs

Link: www.addictionaquaticsllc.com

Type: Private Breeder

Specs: Malawi 

About: Large selection of fish from Lake Malawi

Link: facebook.com/dnacichlids

Oshkosh, Wisconsin 

Type: Private Breeder 

Specs: Fish from the Great  African Rift Lakes

About: Large & Unique Selection of fish from Lake Malawi, High Quality & Well taken care of fish. 


Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Type: Private Breeder 

Specs:  African Cichlids

Link: www.instagram.com/kylescichlidroom

Ponce Inlet, Florida

Type: LFS

Specs: Assortment of tropical fish

About: Really cool store, ❤️ check it out for yourself on their instagram. 

Link: www.instagram.com/akvariumsochi/


Type:  Private Breeder

Specs: Quality OB Strains & More

About: Breeder Male is one of the nicest lines of OBs that I’ve ever seen. Located in SW Michigan. 

Website: facebook.com/LakeMichiganCichlidsSWMichigan/

Bridgman, Michigan


Type:  Importer/Retailer/Breeder

Specs: African Cichlids

About: High Quality & Rare Fish 

Website:  https://www.facebook.com/canafcichlids/


Type: LFS

Specs: high quality Fresh Water Fish and Reptiles

Link: https://www.facebook.com/WetPetsNPals/

Port Clinton, Ohio

Type: Private

Specs: Shell Dwellers

Link: https://www.sandcitycichlids.com/

Type: Private Breeder

link: https://www.facebook.com/GlassCubeAquatics/

Midland, Michigan

Type:  Importer/Retailer

Specs: Wild African Cichlids

Website: e2aquatics.com

Laurel, Maryland



















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