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SI Cichlids expecting New German Import of Tanganyikan Fish

“NEW ARRIVALS EXPECTED, if all goes well these fish listed below should land next week from my German supplier. If there’s something U are interested in, or want to add please email 

Sicichlids@aol.com. Website price list will be updated after shipment has landed.

Thank U”


Altolamp. Calvus black Zaire – 4-5cm
Cyp. Microleptidotus Mboko – 7-9cm
Lamp. Ocellatus blue – 3-4cm
Neolamp. Buscheri Kachese – 4-7cm
Neolamp. Leleupi yellow – 5-6cm
Telmatochromis Vittatus – 5-8cm
Tropheus Murago Tanzania – 5-6cm
Cyph. Frontosa black Widow – 4-5cm
Cyph. Frontosa night star 5-6cm
Altolamp. Calvus Gold – 3-5cm
Altolamp. Compressiceps Kantalamba – 4-5cm
Altolamp. Compressiceps Kigoma – 4-5cm
Altolamp. Compressiceps Chimba shell -3-5cm
Altolamp. Compress. Tembwe – 5-7cm
Altolamp. Compressiceps Kasanga Golden head – 4-6cm
Altolamp. Compressiceps Mandarin 2-3cm
Callochromis Pluerispilus Burundi – 7-9cm
Foai Sibwesa 6-7cm
Cyprichromis jumbo Moba – 8-10cm
Cyprichromis Microleptidotus Kasai – 5-6cm
Cyprichromis Microleptidotus Lyamembe – 6-7cm
Cyprichromis Pavo Moliro – 7-9cm
Enant. Melanogenys Kilesa – 6-8cm
Enant. Melanogenys Kipili – 5-6cm
Gnathochromis Permaxillaris – 4-6cm
Julidochromis Regani gold Sambia – 5-6cm
Julidochromis Gombe – 5-6cm
Lepidiolamp.Nkambae – 7-8cm
Lamp. Calliurus Magara – 4-6cm
Neolamp. Caudopunctatus Kapampa Orange – 4-5cm
Neolamp. Nigriventris – 4-7cm
Ophth. Boops Neon streak – 5-7cm
Synodontis Polli – 3-4cm
Tropheus Kazumba gold – 4-6cm
Tropheus Murago Congo – 4-5cm
Xeno. Orchogenys Mzuri – 5-6cm
Xenotilapia Papilio Tembwe – 5-6cm

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