Wild Green Discus Pillow

Wild Green Discus Pillow


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This Wild Green Discus Pillow Features:

100% pre-shrunk polyester case
Fabric with a linen feel
Hidden zipper
Machine-washable case
Shape-retaining 100% polyester insert included (handwash only)

Premium Fish Design

About the Fish

Wild Green Discus belong to a family of fish know as cichlids, and more specifically South American Cichlids. One of many species of fish native to South American waters, this particular cichlid is a subspecies of Common Discus, the green discus (Symphysodon aequifasciatus aequifasciatus)

It can be further separated into two different wild strains, the Lake Tefe Discus and the Pellegrin Green Discus. Green discus that inhabit Lake Tefe, one of its native regions, have a distinct coloration that is noticeably greener than other subspecies. Discus from this area embody a coloration that can be almost fully green, including the iridescent transverse lines that are located along its body.

The Pellegrin Green Discus, sometimes called the Peruvian Green, is the name given to green discus that can be found in rivers further away in Peru in the Peruvian Amazon. In comparison to its relatives in Lake Tefe, the Pellegrin Discus is more multicolored. With green being the main coloration, different shades and hues of red can be seen along the anal fins and the dorsal fin. The transverse lines hUnlike other discus species, the female green discus is noticeably larger than its male counterpart. In the wild, green discus are native to Lake Tefe, the Tefe River, Santarem, Brazil, the Amazon and its tributaries, and the Peruvian amazon.

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