Photo of Banana Wrasse Reef Safe Canvas hanging on a white wall. This canvas features Thallasoma lutescens a Yellow and Purple wrasse fish from the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is also known as the Yellow-Brown or Sunset Wrasse in the Aquarium Trade.

Banana Wrasse Reef Safe Canvas | Thalassoma lutescens


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Banana Wrasse Canvas

Shop the Banana Wrasse Reef Safe Canvas. Thalossoma lutescens, also known as the Yellow, Yellow Brown, or Sunset Wrasse. Of Course, Live Banana Wrasse for sale are not reef safe fish. However, this canvas is the best way for you to safely enjoy T. lutescens in your Home, Lobby, Fish Room, or Office Space without risking your precious coral! 

T. lutescens Information

Formal Description

Here's a wild name for you! Thalassoma lutescens is a marine fish from the family Labridae. In other words, the name Thalassoma translates roughly to "Body Color of the Sea. Moreover, this fish was first described as Julis lutesens by George Tradescant Lay and Edwin Turner Bennet in the year 1839.

Banana Wrasse: Geographic Range

You will find the Banana Wrasse in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.  Altogether,  Its geographic range extends from Sri Lanka to the Hawaiian Islands, and from south Japan to Australia. 

Banana Wrasse: Habitat & Local Ecology

The Banana Wrasse inhabits coral reefs, and can be found as far down as 30 meters. (100 Feet) Generally, it prefers to swim in schools above dense coral growth hunting for fish eggs, benthic invertebrates, and worms. This species is relatively important to local commercial fishing operations, with the main reason being export for sale to retailers in the global aquarium trade.

Banana Wrasse: For Sale in the Aquarium Trade

In the aquarium trade this type of fish is commonly referred to as  a wrasse. This particular species is listed for sale under several trade names including the Banana Wrasse, The Yellow or Yellow-Brown Wrasse, and the Sunset Wrasse to name just a few!

You should know the Banana Wrasse is not reef safe!  Rather, it's an aggressive swimmer that will knock over non encrusted coral. This fish is a carnivore. As a result, it will eat pretty much any type of invert in a reef tank as well. Furthermore, it  is known for picking at corals too.   

As an adult a female takes on a Yellow appearance. A male will sport a blue coloration. Both genders will have green face marks. Additionally, they display fine vertical stripes on their bodies. Their fins are also very colorful!  

Care Requirements: Is the Banana Wrasse Reef Safe?  

Unfortunately, the Banana Wrasse is not reef safe. You should not keep them with any corals or invertebrates. 

This fish requires a tank size of  at least 125 Gallons. Not to mention it can grow to more than a foot long! This may seem daunting at first. But overall, the Banana Wrasse is an easy fish to take care of.

They are active fish and need rock formations to hide. It will do best with other aggressive tank mates. Any active fish, such as puffers, angels, tangs, and small triggers will work just fine. They also like to jump, which means they need a tight fitting lid.  

Banana Wrasse Reef Safe Canvas

Product Measurements and Details:

This Canvas is 18"x24". It has a 20.5 mil thick poly-cotton blend that is hand stretched over solid wood stretcher bars. Superior matte finish coating on the Canvas enhances any space. The colors are especially vivid, and fade-resistant too! You're bound to fall in love with this beautiful work of art! Especially since this Banana Wrasse Product is 100% Reef Safe, you'll enjoy countless hours in admiration of this beautiful creature. 

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