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Fahaka Puffer Fish Shirt

Buy the top Fahaka Puffer Fish Shirt! You will love this exclusive, custom design of Tetraodon lineatus. A hand-crafted masterpiece by the expert designer fish artist Findurnemo. Click here to shop for more Band or Nile Puffer products. Nemo, the Best Aquarium Clothing & Supply Company.

Puffer Fish Facts 


The Fahaka pufferfish, is a large size tropical freshwater aquarium fish also known as the Nile, lineatus, or Band Puffer. Here's a fun fact! Initially,  this fish was described in the year 1758, and given the name Tetraodon lineatus by the father of modern taxonomy Carl Linneaus.  It sports a variety of colors. These include black, green, tan, yellow, brown and red too! These fade across the underside of the fish. It even has stripes that run from the tail to the top of its head. Truly a beautiful fish to behold.  

Where do Puffer Fish Live? 

Fahaka Puffer Fish Range: 

You will find T. lineatus across a large geographic range. This extends from the upper Nile, Chad, Senegal, Gambia, Geba, Volta and Turkana basins in West, Northeast and East Africa.

Habitat & Ecology

You can find where the habitat of Fahaka puffer fish live is in freshwater. As well as, brackish water systems. Comparatively, they do best in freshwater.  Particularly, this puffer loves large rivers with open water. Also, any where there is vegetation or a weed bed where they can hide their nest and eggs. Equally important, these weed beds give baby fahaka a safe place to begin their life cycle. 

What do Puffer Fish Eat?

The Fahaka Puffer Fish eats anything that is edible. Provided that, the size of the food it is feeding on fits inside its mouth.  Furthermore, the Fahaka teeth are very large in size. Equally important, this puffer fish bite could cost you a finger!

As a matter of fact,  Pufferfish eating scorpions, vegetables, and even a carrot makes a great headline! However, in the wild they are found feeding on mostly benthic creatures. In other words, they eat Freshwater snails and mussels as a large part of their diet. 

Fahaka Puffer: For Sale in the Aquarium Trade

Live Fahaka Puffer Fish can be found for sale online with various price points depending on where and what size you buy them at.  The best place to buy a puffer fish from will have good pictures. In addition, they will provide facts about their care and diet requirements. Occasionally, you might have luck finding Puffers nearby. For example, at local aquarium fish stores. So long as your location has a shop that is less than an hour away. Always call the store first if you are looking for a specific fish, of course. Most fish stores can order fish for you too. 

Do you need help finding puffer fish for sale online? Reach out to us @findurnemo. We are more than happy to help! We only work with the best. 

Puffer Fish Care Requirements

Fahaka Tank Size

As pets Puffer FIsh need rather large  aquariums. They will thrive best in freshwater in your home. These fish grow to a maximum size around 1'3", including its tail. Coupled with a fast growth rate. At least,  the minimum size tank is 120 gallons. You should keep them alone. It is possible to choose tank mates with care. However, they are better as individual inhabitants for a variety of reasons.

Puffer Fish Temperament

Firstly, they have an aggressive demeanor. This is especially dangerous for tank mates. Secondly, other types and breeds will be attacked to death when the fahaka feels threatened, or if they are nearby the mating circle during an attempt at reproduction. However, this breed does not have a successful reproduction in captivity on record. In fact, little is known of the fahaka breeding ritual. However, in their natural habitat they mate in rather deep water. 

You should decorate the tank with plants and rocks. The puffer thrives with a variety of hiding places. 

Puffer Fish Food

In the aquarium the Fahaka puffers will need to eat high quality food.  You should feed a diet of crustaceans, like brine shrimp, mollusks, krill, or earthworms. 

Fahaka Puffer Fish Shirt 

Product Information and Details

This shirt is made of 100% combed and ring-spun cotton. However, heather colors contain 48 percent polyester.  The Fabric is pre-shrunk, with a weight of 4.2 oz. A superior fit is a result of shoulder to shoulder taping and side-seaming. 

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